Luggage Storage in London: Enjoying London Hands and Care Free!

London is a big town. No, that’s an understatement. London is gigantic. The Tube, London’s transportation system, is ginormous! It takes energy and pluck to find your way around. The last thing you want is to not have your hands free, to check your google map, or point in the right direction, or take out your wallet, or down a pint, while walking around and enjoying all the stimulating sights and sounds of posh, swingin’ London town. There are a number of options, whether your stay is brief or prolonged, for storage of your luggage or maybe even some of the great souvenirs you might buy and want to bring home safely. This article will help you make an informed choice for your luggage storage, from options both trendy and new to some that are tried and true!

The “Air BNB” method

The air bnb method of luggage storage is a new concept that is becoming popular all over the world. As one of the worlds biggest cultural and business centers, London is of course one of the places the experiment is turning out nicely. Similar to airbnb, this method connects peer to peer and users to business owners all over the city who can hold your luggage for you in easy and convenient locations near wherever your business, accommodation or activity might be . With this method, no more worrying about dragging yourself to some travel hub where the structure is a maze and the lines are long. The air bnb method simplifies luggage storage.

Stash Your Bags With Stasher

Stasher offers over two hundred locations throughout London. It’s easy, cheap and safe. It costs just six British sterling pounds per day to store your baggage. The bags are covered from loss, damage or theft by insurance. Simply search for restaurants or shops in your area which offer the service, pay the fee, drop them off and start your hands free journey! You can even get 15% percent off your storage fee if you purchase a London Pass, which is a discount pass for all kinds of attractions around London. Stasher even has some twenty four hour service operators in action! More details can be found here. What’s extra great about Stasher is they operate the service in additional cities all over the world, including Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam. Another more traditional method is the left luggage counter, found in all major transportation hubs, from train to plane to bus. If you are just making a connection or waiting on a layover, or just making a short day trip to a direct destination, this might be an easy option for you.


Heathrow is most famous, but London has a number of airline hubs in the immediate vicinity and just on the outskirts of the city. Below is an efficient breakdown of left luggage services at major and minor London airports. London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2: Open 5am – 11pm. Prices can be found here. Find the desk in Arrivals at the main concourse. Terminal 3: Open 5am – 11pm. Same pricing. Close to the rent a car desks. Terminal 4: Open 5:30am – 11pm. Same pricing. In the Arrivals Hall on the west end. Terminal 5: Open 5:30am – 11pm. Same pricing. Arrivals on the UK arrivals end.

London Gatwick Airport

Gatwick and all the others offer round the clock left luggage service. Gatwick’s desk is in the South Terminal at the Arrivals Hall.

London City Airport

Your luggage can be left at London City airport at the Information Desk for a simple fee of ten pounds per item per 24 hour period.

London Luton Airport

The left luggage service desk at London Luton airport can be found next to the Outsize Baggage Unit in the Check-In concourse, where it will cost five pounds per bag for the first 2 hours, and 10 pounds until 24 hours.

London Stansted Airport

Find left luggage services at the airport services desk on the international arrivals side and pay the fee of ten pounds per suitcase per 24 hour period and just three pounds per small bag in the same period.

Train Stations

Like the airports, every major and minor train station offers left luggage storage. At most airports and rail stations you can even book in advance online! It is also comforting to note that for overnight storage, most facilities have 24-hour cameras ensuring the luggage is kept safe and secure! If you would like to book left luggage service in advance, click here to go to the Excess Baggage Company, a left luggage booking site. Next up are details for each rail station in London.

Victoria Train Station

Pretty much the busiest rail destination in London, service at this station is open from 7am to 10:45pm. But also, surprise! There are Stasher outposts conveniently located within five minutes walking distance of Victoria Station. So for longer hours and cheaper prices, why not give the trendy new air bnb method a tryout?

London King’s Cross

London King’s Cross left luggage storage is open from 7am to midnight and found on platforms 16-18.

London Charing Cross

London Charing Cross left luggage storage is open from 7am to 11pm and found in the main concourse.

London Liverpool Street

London Liverpool Street left luggage storage is open from 7am to 11pm and found on platform 10.

London Euston

London Euston left luggage storage is open from 7am to 11pm and found on platforms 16-18.

London Paddington

London Paddington left luggage storage is open from 7am to 11pm and found on platform 12.

London St Pancras International

London St Pancras International left luggage storage is open from 5:30 am to 11pm Monday through Saturday and 7am-10pm on Sundays. It is found in the main concourse. Prices vary for all the services at each station so book in advance or be ready when you arrive.

Storage Facilities

Another traditional method for those on the go or staying longer are storage facilities. Three major companies operate storage centers throughout London. However, the hours and number of locations are limited and may involve additional travel. They are more geared towards long-term stays and maybe large items you want to ship back home but they do try to stay competitive with pricing. Options include: Access Self Storage, which is located just across from what is probably the second busiest rail station, Kings Cross. It is centrally located to some popular attractions including Covent Garden and the British Museum. Access costs vary depending on size and length of time. They are open Monday to Friday 7:30am to 6pm, Saturday 8:30am to 5pm and Sunday 10am-4pm ABC Self-Store has multiple locations. Prices and hours vary. Finally, Safe Store is the most convenient option with 107 locations throughout London. Your bags should stay sufficiently safe and sound now. Enjoy your swing through London Town!

Luggage Storage in King’s Cross Station: A Royal Excursion

Kings Cross in London is a neighborhood with a rich history that has regenerated itself following a post World War Two depression. Much of that regeneration is thanks to the redevelopment of the major railway station, Kings Cross. You may recognize the station from the Harry Potter series. It’s where the young magician boarded the train to Hogwarts Academy. Fun Fact: The station even has fake signs for the fictional platform from the book and Platforms 4 and 5 were used in the filming of the series. Being arguably the busiest railway in London, there’s a good chance you’ll land there when traveling into London for business or pleasure. Best to know what to do with your luggage so you don’t have to lug it around town. King’s Cross has plenty of things to do and places to eat around it, so you can even stick around if you want. One thing’s for sure: you’ll not be disappointed! The article ahead will present your options for luggage storage round and about Kings Cross Station in London.

Using The “Air BnB Method”

A new concept in luggage storage is gaining traction and popularity lately. It’s called the “Air BnB” method and in simple terms, it’s a drop-off and pick up service for your luggage, allowing you access to luggage storage more conveniently than in the past. One of the leading providers of this innovative service is Stasher, with over 200 drop off locations in London. For a small storage fee, Stasher connects you with shops and restaurants which will safely store your baggage nearby wherever you happen to be. Stasher offers 24/7 award-winning customer support. The bags are also insured against loss and damage. Stasher has many outposts near Kings Cross Station, so the bonus is a nice walk through a lovely and historically rich area of London.

Staying Mobile With Your Luggage

Another modern method that is available is known as “Mobile Luggage Storage”. This service collects your baggage wherever you are and then delivers to whatever address you specify. Makes life just a bit easier. The main company providing this service in London is called AirPortr. This is a viable option for long-term stays or extended layovers. Mobile Luggage storage is secure and reliable. You can avoid long airport security lines and won’t be slowed down lugging your baggage to your destination. Other benefits are that it takes just minutes to book a time slot, the bags are sealed and monitored with real-time updates and changes or cancellations are free. To learn more about AirPortr, watch a video here.

Leaving Luggage At Kings Cross

If you are just waiting for a connection or spending a day and checking out in the morning, maybe your most convenient option is to just leave your luggage at the Kings Cross Rail Station. But be warned this option can be on the expensive side. Space in the left luggage lockers at Kings Cross can be rented by the hour or by the day. One plus is you can book space in advance to make sure there is a spot available for your luggage when you arrive. Left Luggage at Kings Cross is run by a company called Excess Baggage Co. and can be found on platform 9 inside the station by the main concourse. So it is the closest option. It’s operating hours are 7am to 11pm seven days a week. The bags are monitored 24/7 by closed circuit television.

Left Luggage Nearby

The left luggage inside Kings Cross is closest. But some competitors are just minutes away and offer more competitive, cheaper pricing. Kings Cross Left Luggage is just three minutes away by foot and costs an insanely low price of just four pounds per day! The company offers flexible booking and payment options and can be reserved for short or long term use. Another company offering great service near Kings Cross Station is LuggageHero. They insure up to 2200 pounds and use a storage timer to calculate time spent accurately. LuggageHero has several locations in the Kings Cross Station area.

Storage Space in Kings Cross

Finally, your last option is a storage facility. Maybe you bought a large item you want to ship back home or hold overnight. Or if left luggage facilities are all filled up. Access Self-Storage offers better pricing than most competitors. They have a location just across the street from the station. They are open 7 days a week. A little further down the road, you will find another alternative, Safe Store. They offer discounts! You should have no trouble stashing your luggage now!

11 London Attractions You Must See Before You Die

There’s a Famous Saying By Samuel That Goes ‘When a Man Is Tired Of London, He’s Tired Of Life’ Which Hold Even To This Day. All Of Us Have Places In Mind To Visit Before We Die Maybe It’s One Of Our To-Do Items In The Bucket List. If London Is Not One Of Those Places, Then It’s High Time You Add It Because We’Re About To Tell You The 11 Best Attractions In London That You Ought To Visit Before You Die.
  1. Tower Bridge: The Iconic Tower Bridge Was Constructed In 1894, And It Is One Of The Most Fabulous Bridges, Also Called The See-Saw Bridge. The Bridge Offers a Spectacular View With a Pass-Through For Boats Amidst The City.
Tower Bridge
  1. Tower Of London: The Archetypal Tower Of London, Which Is Home To The Crown Jewels Are a Music Visit As The Building Was Constructed Nearly a Thousand Years Back. Situated Across The River Thames. It Has Served As a Royal Palace, Prison And An Execution Site Over The Years.
  2. Sherlock Holmes: 221b Bakers Street Is a Paradise For All The Sherlock Holmes Lovers As The Real Sherlock Museum Is Located On This Street And It Is a Must-Visit.
  3. The National Theater: This Is One Of Those Destinations Where Movie Fanatics And Theatres Enthusiasts Would Love a Tour. More Than 10,000 Actors Have Traded This Path Including Benedict Cumberbatch, Laurence Olivier And Many More.
  4. Paul’s Cathedral: Constructed And Completed In 1710 By Sir Christopher, It Is Situated At The Highest Point In The City With a Spectacular View Of The Whispering Gallery And The Aisle Walked By Prince Charles And Lady Diana.
  5. Mondrian London At Sea Containers: Located Near The Classic Destinations Like The Theatre, It Is An Excellent Hotel That Contains Chic Designs With a Rooftop Bar.
  6. House Of Parliament: It Is Also Called The Palace Of Westminster And Is Tagged As Britain’s Political Power. It Is a Gothic Style Building And Is Also One Of The Most Iconic Attractions In London.
  7. London Eye: Watching Over The Thames River Since 2000, The London Eye Is Considered As The World’s Most Giant Observation Wheel. Millions Of Visitors Travel To London To Witness This View Of The Skyline Of London, Every Year. Although The Access To It Is Quite Expensive, You Can Buy Tickets And Grant Access To Places Near It.
London Eye
  1. Trafalgar Square:You Can Climb On Top The Trafalgar Square And Get An Excellent Sight Of The Enormous Bronze Lions. It Is Constructed In The Memory Of Admiral Horatio Nelson, Who Passed Away In The Battle Of Trafalgar In The 18th Century.
  2. Kensington Palace: It Is Considered As One Of The Palace’s Of Princess Diana And Is Now a Residence Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge.
  3. Hyde Park: It Is One Of The Largest Spaces Of London That Contain Greenery And Built-In 1536 By Henry Will. With Over 4000 Trees, Flowered Gardens And Fountains, It Is a Sight To The Sore Eyes.
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