Kings Cross in London is a neighborhood with a rich history that has regenerated itself following a post World War Two depression. Much of that regeneration is thanks to the redevelopment of the major railway station, Kings Cross.

You may recognize the station from the Harry Potter series. It’s where the young magician boarded the train to Hogwarts Academy. Fun Fact: The station even has fake signs for the fictional platform from the book and Platforms 4 and 5 were used in the filming of the series.

Being arguably the busiest railway in London, there’s a good chance you’ll land there when traveling into London for business or pleasure. Best to know what to do with your luggage so you don’t have to lug it around town. King’s Cross has plenty of things to do and places to eat around it, so you can even stick around if you want. One thing’s for sure: you’ll not be disappointed!

The article ahead will present your options for luggage storage round and about Kings Cross Station in London.

1. Using The “Air BnB Method”

A new concept in luggage storage is gaining traction and popularity lately. It’s called the “Air BnB” method and in simple terms, it’s a drop-off and pick up service for your luggage, allowing you access to luggage storage more conveniently than in the past.

One of the leading providers of this innovative service is Stasher, with over 200 drop off locations in London. For a small storage fee, Stasher connects you with shops and restaurants which will safely store your baggage nearby wherever you happen to be.

Stasher offers 24/7 award-winning customer support. The bags are also insured against loss and damage.

Stasher has many outposts near Kings Cross Station, so the bonus is a nice walk through a lovely and historically rich area of London.

2. Staying Mobile With Your Luggage

Another modern method that is available is known as “Mobile Luggage Storage”. This service collects your baggage wherever you are and then delivers to whatever address you specify. Makes life just a bit easier.

The main company providing this service in London is called AirPortr. This is a viable option for long-term stays or extended layovers.

Mobile Luggage storage is secure and reliable. You can avoid long airport security lines and won’t be slowed down lugging your baggage to your destination.

Other benefits are that it takes just minutes to book a time slot, the bags are sealed and monitored with real-time updates and changes or cancellations are free.

To learn more about AirPortr, watch a video here.

3. Leaving Luggage At Kings Cross

If you are just waiting for a connection or spending a day and checking out in the morning, maybe your most convenient option is to just leave your luggage at the Kings Cross Rail Station. But be warned this option can be on the expensive side.

Space in the left luggage lockers at Kings Cross can be rented by the hour or by the day. One plus is you can book space in advance to make sure there is a spot available for your luggage when you arrive.

Left Luggage at Kings Cross is run by a company called Excess Baggage Co. and can be found on platform 9 inside the station by the main concourse. So it is the closest option.

It’s operating hours are 7am to 11pm seven days a week. The bags are monitored 24/7 by closed circuit television.

4. Left Luggage Nearby

The left luggage inside Kings Cross is closest. But some competitors are just minutes away and offer more competitive, cheaper pricing.

Kings Cross Left Luggage is just three minutes away by foot and costs an insanely low price of just four pounds per day! The company offers flexible booking and payment options and can be reserved for short or long term use.

Another company offering great service near Kings Cross Station is LuggageHero. They insure up to 2200 pounds and use a storage timer to calculate time spent accurately.

LuggageHero has several locations in the Kings Cross Station area.

Storage Space in Kings Cross

Finally, your last option is a storage facility. Maybe you bought a large item you want to ship back home or hold overnight. Or if left luggage facilities are all filled up.

Access Self-Storage offers better pricing than most competitors. They have a location just across the street from the station. They are open 7 days a week.

A little further down the road, you will find another alternative, Safe Store. They offer discounts!

You should have no trouble stashing your luggage now!


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